PT.Pamapersada Nusantara as a world-class mining contractor, PAMA has a vision which aims to deliver the best services to the stakeholder. PAMA certainly declares its vision:

"To Be World Class Mining Contractors With The Best Productivity, Engineering, Safety, and Environment".



Running programs according to company's capacity an ability, through continuos commitment, to create harmonious realationship so that the company's existence can be perceived as a community and nation asset.

To realize the goals an mission, PAMA made these following policies:

  • Establish special departement that handles "Community Development" by enpowering ssimultaniously four main pillars, covering: Strategy, Organization, Human Resource, and bussines network.
  • Running 7 (Seven) Integrated Program Community Development, which is contain of :
        1. Development and Improvement Economic Society
        2. Health and Community Nutrition
        3. Management and Enviromental Management
        4. Education, Improving Skills and Course
        5. Social, Cultural, Religion and Social Support
        6. Relation with government, and company safety
        7. Help client to relocate the residential community (if needed)

Thus this policy can be made to guide the implementation of the activities Community Development Pamapersada Nusantara, PT.